Sharing Best Practices

God is doing amazing things around this country! So many churches and ministries to men are impacting lives every day! LMM is always looking for what God is doing and for men’s leaders to show how the Holy Spirit is using them to disciple and change lives so that other churches and ministries might do something similar!

If you have a men’s leader who has the gift of sharing from stage, please let us know about this leader!

Please pass their information on to Kevin at kevin@lutheranmeninmission.org

Hosting the Bold Gathering

LMM likes to partner with churches to host the Bold Gathering twice a year! We are looking for partner churches who have an active men’s ministry and to have video capability and production staff to help live stream the event across the country!

The 2018 host congregations were Bethany Lutheran in Elkorn, Nebraska, and Hope Lutheran in Fargo, North Dakota.

2019 and 2020 locations have not been determined.

For more information on the details, reach out to Kevin at kevin@lutheranmennmission.org