Friday 5p

The Friday evening banquet will provide an inspirational start to the Gathering by honoring several outstanding leaders. The special guest this year will be Lyman Coleman. From working in his early years with the Billy Graham team to becoming a major leader in small group ministry as the founder and Executive Director of Serendipity and training over 300,000 people from 60,000 churches in small group ministry Lyman has also had a major impact on the ministry of Lutheran Men in Mission. He was the Executive Editor of the Serendipity Bible for Groups that became the Master Builders Bible for Men and he is the creator of the One Year to Live retreat. The banquet will be your chance to meet this incredible leader- and to say thanks for all he has done.

The Banquet Program will include:

  • Celebrate with Lyman Coleman
  • Honor Foundation Award Winners
  • Meal
  • Hear Key Milestones

Pricing for the meal will be $50/person.

You can Register for the banquet when you REGISTER for the Gathering.