The national Bold Gathering will feature two speakers who will teach, equip and encourage us! 


Jim Troe Pic Aug19

Jim Troe is a Christian lay leader, family man, career businessman, and writer. He is a founding board member of AZ-One, a Christian nonprofit organization charged with creating opportunities for Christian churches to work together as one to build God’s kingdom, especially in men’s ministry. Jim is a certified coach through Coachnet and has worked as a trainer for the Tentmakers organization. He has served as the small groups director at Crossroads Church in Albert Lea. As an avid writer, Jim is working on his second novel. His first book, A Kingdom’s Quest, is a coming-of-age fantasy. 


Over the course of three talks, Jim will guide and coach us in “Getting a Grip: Laying hold of God’s plan for your life!”

Getting a Grip

Talk #1: Where’s the Hook?
Who’s the main character in your story? What does he want more than anything? What is he willing to do to get it?

Talk #2: Some Assembly Required

If children came with some assembly required, would you follow the instructions or wing it and hope for the best? By faith in Jesus, we’ve become body parts—members of the body of Christ—and Romans 12 provides our assembly instructions. So, let’s not wing it.

Talk #3: Discovering Your Calling

Ephesians 2:10 claims that your Creator has already prepared your work. Have you discovered it yet? 


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