Bio Pic  Terry Howell


Terry will be sharing about how pride, if unchecked, will destroy our lives and sabotage our integrity, relationships, careers, and our livelihood.

Terry is currently one of the key leaders in the Men’s Ministry at Hope+Elim in Des Moines, IA and has a heart for teaching men how to overcome pride. He is also a freelance writer and has written many articles dealing with pride and men’s mental well-being.

Terry was born in Toledo, Ohio, but has lived in several different states while growing up. Because of the constant moving, Terry became very introverted and lacked hope for building friendships. While Terry did grow up in the church, he has experienced, firsthand, the negative effects of pride.

Although the church was a part of his upbringing, he did not know God! This dynamic is seen throughout the church – particularly for men! Through his experiences and his surrender to God, Terry will share how you can move from Sabotage to Surrender and how to experience God on a whole new level in your lives.

Keith Smith Pic 4  KEITH SMITH

The Enemy Within

Keith will be sharing about unwillingness to speak out and remain silent on issues that are detrimental to our character, our performance and our livelihood will destroy us from the inside out.

Keith was a third-generation police officer who battled a 8-year addiction, sentenced to prison for 10 years and walked out of prison four years and two months ago. He was homeless with borrowed clothes on his back. He had nothing and today he has everything.  He now has his daughters and grandchildren in his life, as well as a new family and career again with a wonderful corporation.  He is a business owner, a 501c foundation owner, a motivational/inspirational speaker, a soon-to-be author and most importantly a servant of Jesus Christ. God changed his life in the worst circumstances, and is now living the best life, just for years removed from incarceration.


Pr Hadley Pic   MARK HADLEY

“FEEDING THE HUNGRY AS WELL AS OUR SOULS – The secret power of running a community food pantry”

Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church in Arlington, Texas has been operating a community food pantry for over five years.  Pastor Mark Hadley has overseen this ministry since its inception, and in this presentation, he will offer insights into how to create a sustainable food ministry.  He will also share the surprises he has discovered along the way, including how a food pantry can activate a congregation in ways never seen before.

Pastor Mark joined the staff of Shepherd of Life in January 2011 after a 21-year career in professional theater management.  He held the position of Director of Adult Ministries at Shepherd of Life until October 2017, at which time he was ordained.  Pastor Mark is a graduate of Texas A&M University, earning both a B.S. in Psychology and an M.B.A.  Pastor Mark has been married to his bride Lanell since 1993, and they have two daughters, Harper and Piper.  He is an avid soccer fan and loves to root for his adopted team in England, Tottenham Hotspur.



Where God is Present in Our Lives

Rev. Russell will share about a food pantry outreach program during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Reverend Jack Russell was born in Oklahoma and is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. He is a “cradle” Lutheran.  He served in the US Navy and lived in Virginia until he began his journey in ministry. In 2004, he was asked to go to Milwaukee, WI to assist an elderly Pastor in ministry. He and his family moved to Milwaukee.  He was accepted into LSTC seminary in Chicago.  He was ordained by the Bishop Peter Rogness of the Greater Milwaukee Synod.  He has served as pastor for Lutheran congregations in WI, KS and OK.  He is currently serving as Mission Developer for Living Waters LC in Cherokee, NC.  He and his wife, Lisa, Iann and Le currently reside in Franklin, NC.


David Morelli Pic  DAVID MORELLI

A Biblical View of Suffering

David will be sharing his story with the hopes of challenging our view of suffering and opening our eyes to how God is moving through the difficult moments of our lives.   

David is the Pastoral Resident at Central Christian Church – Machesney Park Campus in Machesney Park, IL. David is passionate about sharing the good news of the gospel with others.  He has served in his current position for the past 6 months.  Before that, he and his wife were working as missionaries in Paris, France, sharing the gospel with college students.  Some of his hobbies include watching sports, running, and biking.  He also enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, and camping with his wife, Lauren.  

Jim Troe Pic Aug19  JIM TROE

Harnessing the Power of Focus

Are you struggling to get focused? In his iconic business book, Good To Great, Jim Collins describes the Hedgehog Concept.  It is a three-pronged business strategy for harnessing the power of focus. Did Collins stumble upon a set of principles that find their origin in God’s word? Jim will show us how to personally apply this concept to our spiritual lives, helping us invest eternally and live more fruitfully. 

Jim Troe is a Christian lay leader, family man, and career businessman. He is a founding board member of AZ-One, a Christian nonprofit organization charged with creating opportunities for Christian churches to work together as one to build God’s kingdom, especially in men’s ministry. Jim is a certified coach through Coachnet and has worked as a trainer for the Tentmakers organization. He has served as the Small Groups Director at Crossroads Church in Albert Lea.




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