The Bold Gathering is coming to you on Saturday December 12th, 2020 at 11a Central. 

Registration is now open!

This past year has shown us many things about American People. We have seen our great resilience and our deep divisions; we have also been reminded of the deep and painful racial challenges our country faces. These challenges are faced by every aspect of society, from streets to boardrooms, from faith to healthcare; there is no corner of American society that is not been impacted by issues of race and prejudice.
Lutheran Men in Mission have long prayed for the day when all God’s children come together as one. As the old children’s hymn goes; “Jesus loves the little children; All the children of the world. Red, brown, yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight; Jesus loves the little children of the world”. In an effort to foster new relationships and understanding, LMM has invited members of the BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) community to share from the heart their stories without editing or censorship. We asked them for a simple thing: “Share the story of your heart that you wish the church could hear!”
This Bold Gathering provides LMM’s platform for them so that we might hear their responses. Again, these are their stories, straight from the heart. It is our prayer that through this experience walls may be torn down and that relationships may be fostered.
May these “Stories From the Heart” move and challenge you. Above all else may they serve as the first steps to bridging the space that divides us. Building the foundation for new relationships and understandings that bring us together as one in Christ.
John Sundquist
Executive Director
Lutheran Men in Mission (LMM)


2021 dates and locations are being finalized. More details to come!

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